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Review : Affordable Food @ Lorong Ara Kiri Bangsar

Are you looking for affordable food around Bangsar or Mid Valley area? In Lorong Ara Kiri Bangsar you can find 2 kopitiams; Sun Huat Kee and Nam Chun Restaurant that serve affordable food with decent taste which you can have your meals there.

你是否在bangsar 或midvalley 一带寻找着负担得起的食物呢?在Lorong Ara Kiri Bangsar你可以找到两间茶餐室; Sun Kuat Kee 和 Nam Chun Restaurant。 它们都提供负担得起又好吃的食物好让你可以在那里享用你的一餐。

Brunch (Breakfast + Lunch) 早午餐

Rm5.50 for this set of breakfast

Breakfast Sets available in Sun Huat Kee Restaurant. For only RM5.00, you can get yourself a set of toast bread, 2 half boiled eggs and 1 drink (either Tea or Coffee, Milo extra RM0.50). You can get the similar food in Nam Chun Restaurant, but that will cost you more than RM5.00.

在Sun Huat Kee 有提供早餐套餐。只需要RM5.00 你就可以享用到一份烤面包, 两粒半熟蛋和一杯饮料(茶或咖啡, 美路加RM0.50)。你也可以在Nam Chun Restaurant吃到一样的食物, 但是价格就会超过RM5.00。

Appeared in newspaper for a few times before

Pork Noodle RM7.00

Alternatively, you can get yourself a ‘pork ball noodle’ AKA Sam Kan Chong in Sun Huat Kee too with the price of RM7.00 (small) and RM8.00 (large). This noodle store is pretty well-known for its dry version of noodle that comes with flat rectangular fish ball and chinese sausage. Recommended decent food to try if you happen to be in this area.

除此之外, 你也可以在Sun Huat Kee找到三间庄猪肉丸粉, 价钱是小碗的RM7.00 和大碗的RM8.00。这档口出名的是他们的干捞猪肉丸粉, 在里头有长方体的鱼丸和腊肠。推荐你一定要尝尝如果你有去到那区。

Roasted Pork RM7.00

Personally, I also find the Char Siew rice at Sun Huat Kee restaurant to be a decent choice of lunch to have. Although the size of the Char Siew here is relatively small, the roasted pork here is serve with tender meat beneath the crispy skin on the top. Rm7.00 for roasted pork rice. Bro, this is Bangsar, what do you expect!

个人来说, 我觉得Sun Huat Kee Restaurant 的叉烧饭会是午餐的不二之选。虽然那叉烧有点小, 但是这里的烧肉软嫩多汁外皮还很酥脆。烧肉饭要价RM7.00。兄弟, 这里是Bangsar啊, 你还奢望什么!?

Dinner 晚餐

Sorry Madam just want to take a picture of the restaurant only 😉

For dinner, you can visit the Nam Chun Restaurant that is located few shops away from Sun Huat Kee. There are 2 operators here during dinner hours; chicken rice + mixed rice or Dai Chao. The former one is a tad pricy for their mixed rice, a normal 3 dishes rice will easily get you to more than RM10.

晚餐呢你就可以去Nam Chun Restaurant , 它就位于Sun Huat Kee的隔几件店铺。 在晚餐时段就只有两档还在经营着; 鸡饭+经鸡饭 或者是大炒。正式的经济饭档会有点贵, 普通的三样菜就很容易要你超过RM10。


So what to eat for dinner in Nam Chun? There are a few dishes that I have tried from this Dai Chao stall that you should not miss too if you happened to be here; Sweet and Sour Pork + Broccoli (RM13), Fried Rice (RM8), Black Bean Sauce Bitter Gourd Rice with Pork (RM10) and they have daily soup too which cost RM8.

所以在Nam Chun要吃什么作为晚餐呢?我尝试过大炒档的几道菜肴, 觉着这是你不想要错过的美食; 咕噜肉+野菜花 (RM13), 炒饭(RM8), 黑豆酱苦瓜猪肉饭(RM10)和他们的例汤(RM8).

Sweet Sour Pork Rice RM10+3(broccoli)

Sweet and Sour Pork has a crispy outer layer and tender meat on the inside. My favorite dish that I would definitely order each week.

咕噜肉有着酥脆的外皮及软嫩的肉在里头。我最喜爱的一道料理, 我绝对可以每个星期都吃。

Fried Rice Rm8.00

Fried rice is flavorful but I still prefer the SS15’s fried rice.


Black Bean Bitter Gourd Pork RM10

Black Bean Sauce Bitter Gourd Rice with Pork comes with strong scent and flavor of the black bean. It is best mixed them evenly before gulping them down!


Tips from 食 La Vie; getting yourself a parking here is difficult during breakfast and lunch hour. Lunch hour there will be active clamping activities here. The staff of Dai Chao here are very warm especially the boss which he always greets customers with a wide smile. I believe that the politeness of the boss is what attracted not only Chinese customers but Indians as well.

食La Vie温馨小提示; 在这里很难在停车位, 特别是早餐和午餐时段。 午餐时段这里的锁车轮行动很活跃。大炒的员工很有人情味特别是他的老板, 总是会笑脸迎人的问候客人。我相信老板有礼貌的态度不但吸引了华人顾客还吸引了印裔顾客。

This post is written based on one of the authors that has been staying in Bangsar for 2 years. 这篇文章是根据一位在Bangsar居住了两年小编所写的。


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