Petaling Jaya

Review : Ribs King @ Taman Paramount

Located in Taman Paramount, Rib King is an air-conditioned restaurant that serve variety of rice based meals at an affordable price to their customers.

Rib King是一间位于Taman Paramount(百家福花園站)拥有舒适环境的餐厅,店家主要提供价格实惠又多样化的饭类餐点给于顾客。

Rib King Menu.

As you can see from the menu above, there are varieties of food that you can choose such as noodle, rice, vegetarian and seafood. I have been living around this area for approximately 2 years, and I would visit this restaurant at least once in the fortnight.


Humbly, I have tried almost everything on the set meal of the menu that consists of the rice, vegetable, egg , soup and a meat of your choice either pork chop, ribs , chicken or fish. Personally, I would go for pork chop as ribs do not have much meat. Among all the recommendation from the chef, I would place Pork Chop with Thai Sauce as the top of my list, then follow by Lemon Sauce Pork Chop.


Pork Chop with Thai Sauce (RM8.50)

Pork Chop with Thai Sauce comes with generous amount of cucumbers and onions that pair with sweet and sauce thai sauce. Aside from that, the set meal comes with an egg as you could see from the pictures above and tomato too. RM8.50 for a set meal like this that comes together with refillable hot soup (a bit too much of seasonings Id say)  is definitely worth it especially in PJ area.



Lemon Sauce Pork Chop RM8.50

Next up will be their Lemon Sauce Pork Chop. As you the other set meals, this comes with slices of cucumber and tomatoes too. The amount of pork chop you could see from the pictures above would make you doubt whether is it really just RM8.50. To me, the other set meals will just be so so only. I will just order the above two alternatively each time I visit the restaurant.


Tips from 食 La Vie; the parking here is limited, I will park near the bus stop located front the restaurant which is just by the road side. There are two rib kings here but I usually will go to the left one as it has a better ambiance tho both of the restaurants are serving the same food on the same menu so I guess that both of the restaurants are operating by the same owner.

食 La Vie贴士,这里的停车位有限所以小编常常会将车停在店家前面的巴士站路旁。这里会有两间Rib King,小编通常会选择左边那间因为这里的环境会比较好,而两间拥有同样的菜单和菜色,所以小编认为它们是属于同一位老板。

I only visit here for their Pork Chop with Thai Sauce and Lemon Sauce Pork Chop. Aside from these two dishes, others are not really good to me. 我只会为他们的泰式猪扒和柠檬猪扒而拜访这里。其他的对我而言没那么美味。


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