Review: Kim Keei Cafe @ Ipoh

In Ipoh, I heard of a restaurant that serves seafood noodle that comes with 2 big prawns with it which collected a lot of good reviews from the elders. Last week, I have gotten the opportunity to pay a visit to this kopitiam during the Raya weekend. Surprisingly, the restaurant was not crowded in the morning, probably due to the relocation to a less crowded area, off the main road.

在怡保, 我听说有一间餐厅的海鲜面有着两只大虾, 而且在长辈圈里有不错的评价。就在上个星期, 我有机会在马来人新年的周末期间去到这家咖啡店。非常得意外, 这家咖啡店在早上时段并没有很多顾客, 这可能是因为他们搬迁到了没那么繁忙的地区,远离大马路了。

Wantan Mee stall which I do not recommend

Upon reaching the restaurant, I have noticed that there are few tables which had left unfinished wan tan mee on the table. That is a good sign to tell me that their wan tan mee is not really attractive. So, we only ordered the famous seafood noodle and also pork noodle.

当我们到达这家咖啡店时, 我发现有几桌的云吞面并没有吃完。这是一个很好的提示, 说明了他们的云吞面并没有很好吃。所以我们只是叫了那出名的海鲜面和猪肉粉。

RM16 Seafood Noodle
The size of prawn is not really big tho
Generous amount of fish paste

Seafood noodle comes with generous size of fish pastes, baby sotong and 2 prawns. The size of prawns are not really BIG. It is just the normal medium size of prawns you usually order at the restaurant. Overall, the stock of the noodle is just so so and taste pretty plain. The sweetness of the seafood was not dissolved in the stock. What will surprise you is at the end of the meal, when you ask for the bill. Try to guess how much is it per seafood bowl? Its RM16…

这海鲜面里有的食材就是普通的鱼饼,小章鱼和两只虾。 那虾也不是说真的很大。就只是我们在餐厅里吃到的中等体型的虾。 整体来说, 这海鲜面的汤汁满普通而且味道蛮淡的。 海鲜的甜味并没有渗透到汤汁里。 其实这海鲜面真正给到你的惊喜就是当你买单时。 试着猜猜看一碗海鲜面要价多少?是RM16…

RM6.50 Pork Noodle

The pork noodle is also so so only. 猪肉粉也是很普通罢了, 没啥特别。

The white coffee here is really thick and rich in aroma as compared to the KL’s coffee. It is so tasty and the only good impression the restaurant can give me.

这里的白咖啡和吉隆坡相比非常的浓郁而且香味十足。非常得好喝, 也是这件咖啡店唯一给到我的好印象。

This BIG PRAWN seafood noodle is really overpriced and overrated. I would not return in the future. 这大虾海鲜面定价过高而且评价不实。我绝对不会再回去这家店。


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