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Review : Mitasu @ Bukit Bintang KL

Some other drinks available if you dont fancy their tea

Mitasu is a japanese buffet style restaurant that is located at Central Plaza in Kuala Lumpur. I believe that Mitasu is no longer something unknown to all of you for its free flow of sashimi. It is only open lunch and dinner hours so we made an advanced reservation for dinner over the weekend knowing that it is usually full house.

Mitasu是一家位于吉隆坡Central Plaza,Pavillion Mall 后面的一家日本自助餐餐馆。小编相信这里对于那些鱼生爱好者并不陌生,无限量提供的鱼生足于满足所有人的味蕾。这里只有在午市和夜市营业,并且周末常常都会满座,所以小编早早就订好了位置。

Mitasu Menu and price

These are the regular menu that you can find at Mitasu, with Japanese dishes name that follow by English explanation.


First up, Sashimi. Something that you should not miss when you are visiting Mitasu. The sashimi here is very fresh and prepared on a bowl of ice upon your orders. Salmon, Tuna, Butter Fish, Half Grilled Butter Fish and Half Grilled Tuna, you can order as many as you would as there are free flow of these sashimi.


There is this Cod Fish Hotpot that is available for customers who made reservation in advanced. We decided to give it a try and it turns out the HOTPOT is not hot enough. The butter fish is lack of the taste. I still prefer the Gindara Kama Butteryaki which is the grilled version of the butter fish. It has a crispy skin and the taste of this grilled butter fish definitely better than the hotpot.

这鳕鱼火锅是给那些预订的顾客,小编有幸可以尝试但是火锅略显不够热。鲳鱼本身缺乏味道,所以小编会偏向于Gindara Kama Butteryaki,半烤的鲳鱼。半烤之后的鱼片十分香脆并且味道会好过那个火锅。

Scallop was just so so. We ordered a plate to try and it turn out that the scallop is not that attractive that we would go for seconds.


Grilled Beef and Lamb Butteryaki turned out to be surprisingly tasty. They were not overcooked. The taste of the red meats were strongly emphasized by the aid of the butter. We ended up ordering up to 4 plates of the red meats.


Next we ordered something that is not in the menu, oyster! The Oyster was not cold enough. It has the fishy smell that not everyone could stand. Fresh tiger prawn was indeed fresh. The color of the prawn as you can see from the pictures above is really magnificent. Taste? Sweet and fresh seawater prawn taste without any fishy smell on them. You should eat them without dipping them in any sauce to enjoy the freshness of these prawns. It goes well with soy sauce and wasabi too.


Shishamo, a saltwater fish that you could eat from its head to tail, practically everything when they are grilled well. This tiny fish that has about 15cm length actually has very little meat. What makes this fish unique is the egg roe within it. Each shishamo we ordered, has a belly of caviar which it was taste so good and yet at the same time feeling guilty for killing so many potential shishamo LOL!


We also tried their Sushi. Do not waste your stomach capacity for sushi, go for their sashimi because the sushi is just a THIN slice of sashimi on top of the vinegar rice which is very common and nothing special to me.


For dessert, the black sesame ice cream was indeed a special and rare dessert that I recommend you to try as not many restaurant does serve black sesame dessert.


Tips from 食 La Vie; make reservation especially during peak season as there will be lots of people visiting the restaurant. The parking in this building is constructed in a spiral way so please proceed with caution and advise that not to drive any big or long car when you about to dine in here. Alternatively, you can park at Wisma Cosway which cause you only for RM5 per day!

食 La Vie贴士,记得预订不然繁忙时段基本上满座。大厦的停车位有点狭窄所以请小心。如果在周末,大家可以将车停在 Wisma Cosway,一天只需要RM5,并且十分靠近这里,走几步就到了。

Author Comment : Free flow sashimi is totally a heaven for sashimi lovers. Other than this, everything is normal, nothing special. 小编评语,无限量提供的鱼生绝对是鱼生爱好者的天堂,其他的料理就相对的普通并不是很特别。


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