Review: Big Bowl Ramen 大碗麺 @ Ipoh

Big Bowl Ramen is something special that we rarely seen or have in our areas. Once we have reached Ipoh, we decided that we should go and pay a visit to this restaurant. Big Bowl Ramen is an air-conditioned restaurant located near the concubine lane. Once you walked into the restaurant, you will notice a their ‘bowl’ replica on your right hand side showing you how big the bowl is.

大碗拉面是一种特别且很少在我们地区看得见的食物。当我们抵达怡保时,我们决定我们一定要去尝一尝。大碗拉面是一家位于二奶巷的冷气餐馆。当你走进餐厅时,你会在右手边发现它们的大碗模型, 告诉你它们的碗有多大。

Caramel Custard RM3.90

First up, as recommended on their leaflet, we decided to try their Caramel Custard (RM3.90). It is a pretty common dish and the taste of the custard did not really surprise us. It was just so so and one of us even kidding by saying ‘ let me make this dish for you next time’ to indicate how unattractive the dish is.

首先,就如他们的传单上所推荐, 我们决定尝试它们的焦糖蛋挞 (RM3.90)。它是一个蛮普通的食物而且它的味道并没有让我们很惊喜。整体上来说就是还好罢了。我们其中一位成员还开玩笑说:”让我下次有机会弄给你们吃”, 这反应了这道食物有多么的不吸引。

Black Sesame Ice Cream RM4.50

Due to the hot weather, we also ordered a Black Sesame Snow Ice (RM4.50). This ice shaved reminded me of Mitasu black sesame ice cream. The black sesame taste is unique. Not everyone could accept it. Recommended for sharing as the portion is quite big.

因为天气炎热,我们也叫了他们的黑芝麻冰沙(RM4.50)。这刨冰让我想起了Mitasu的黑芝麻冰淇淋。那黑芝麻的味道十分独特, 不是每个人可以接受。建议和同伴分享, 因为份量有点多。

Coconut milkshake (RM10.90)

Coconut shake (RM10.90) comes with coconut flesh in it, seems genuine however it is definitely overpriced. I still prefer the Boyfriend Coconut after trying all the shakes from Melaka , Boat Noodles and this one here.

椰子冰沙(RM10.90)里头有椰肉, 看起来很真材实料但是这绝对定价过高。 尝试过马六甲Boat Noodles 及这里的椰子冰沙后, 我还是比较喜欢男朋友椰子冰沙

Look at the humongous bowl! (RM45.90)

Their main dish, Big Bowl Ramen. We go for their Signature Assam Laksa Ramen for 3 pax (RM45.90). As you could seen from the photos above, the bowl is really huge and unique. Even though this dish will be a camera-friendly dish as all the customers here will take photos with the bowl, the taste of the noodle must be good to make the customers to return on their next trip.

他们的主食, 大碗拉面。我们尝试了他们的三人份经典Assam Laksa拉面(RM45.90)。就如你在以上照片所看到的一摸一样, 那碗真的非常的大以及特别。 就算这道料理是一道精美料理以方便顾客们和那碗拍照, 这面的味道也必须要好, 那么顾客才会再次拜访。

After finished taking photos with the big bowl, we began to dig in. The laksa taste sour and a mild spicy, typical Ipoh Laksa. The soup was not hot at all, a great turnoff for a noodle dish. After we have finished the noodle, we tried to lift them up and found out that it is not light. Wondering how the waitress could carry them 😂😂

和大碗拍完照后我们就开始品尝。这Laksa的味道有点酸和微辣, 是到地的味道。 这汤一点都不热, 这是这道面的遗憾之处。 当我们吃完时, 我们试着拿起那碗, 发现这碗一点都不轻。这里的服务员到底是怎么捧着它的呢😂😂

Big Bowl Ramen Menu
  • A restaurant for me to visit just to take photo of the big bowl instead of enjoying their food. I would think twice whether to visit again in the future if I happened to drop by in Ipoh as the taste of the food not really attractive. 对于我来说这是一家和大碗拍照而不是享受他们料理的餐厅。 当我再次拜访怡保时我会慎重考虑要不要再回到这家餐厅,因为它的食物真的没有很吸引。


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