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Review : Maiu @ Sri Petaling


Recently I have watched a Facebook food blogger that took a Vlog of this Japanese buffet restaurant introducing how tasty and fresh the food is. So without any further ado, I would like to taste them myself. Maiu is a japanese buffet shop that has the similar style as Mitasu except with a lower price charged. So naturally, this will be a post of Maiu VS Mitasu.

For Mitasu post, you can click here.

最近小编在面子书里看见一个食物专业介绍了一个日本自助餐的食物十分新鲜和美味,让小编垂涎三尺。无需多想,小编自己也去体验一番。Maiu 是一家和Mitasu十分相似的日本自助餐餐馆但是价格相对来说比较便宜。所以,今天的介绍将会是Maiu和Mitasu的对决。

Shishamo was not grilled until as crispy as Mitasu one, its soft and seems not fresh as if being placed aside for some time after grilling before serving to us


Two little tiny grilled scallop. In the menu above, you can see that there is 3 scallop in one skewer . It came out really different than the menu just like the menu said; ‘photos are for illustration purpose only’.


Grilled mackerel fish was just so so nothing special. It was not hot although it was grilled, made us wondered whether was it fresh or not.


Sashimi! Just like Mitasu, we have salmon, tuna and butter fish. The sashimi look ‘dimmer’ than the one we had in Mitasu. The presentation skill of the dish was not really good either and if we also noticed that the sashimi was not served on ice so do not order a lot at once. All these aspects greatly affected our impression towards the restaurant. On the taste wise, the sashimi was fine but they were not as fresh as Mitasu’s.


Roasted Salmon Belly was the only dishes in Maiu that taste good for me. It is belongs to the ‘Special Items’ as you can see from the menu above. Which means that you can only order once. The succulent fats beneath the crispy roasted salmon skin taste good when it was melting in your mouth. However, the presentation skill of this dish was really different from the menu as you can see above.


Some salads and jelly fish which was fine to us. These decent dishes are pretty similar throughout the restaurants so you could not expect much.


Finally, their dessert that have something that caught our attention; Wasabi ice cream! It taste sweet upon placing them on your tongue. However as it slowly melt towards your throat, you can feel the spiciness strucking your taste buds and nose, just like the real wasabi except this is a mixture of cold and sweetness in your taste buds. Good ‘adventure’ for those that did not try before! We had a promotion that time where if we have 5 guests then the 6th guest will get free; buy 5 free 1.


I would not return for this restaurant if I were given a choice I would rather pay extra RM10 to go for Mitasu. 如果可以,小编不会再来这里。小编会更加愿意多给RM10去Mitasu

Maiu Menus


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