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Review : De Irrfan’s Cafe @ One Utama Shopping Mall LG Floor

One of the lunch choices that you should not miss if you are visiting One Utama! Although De Irrfan’s Cafe is just a typical mamak you can find in the malls, this mamak is serving lunch sets that are attractive to the visitors and working staff nearby One U!

当你来到1U时, 一定要到这家餐厅享受午餐。就算De Irrfan’s Cafe只是到处可见的普通嘛嘛档, 但是它们有着诱人的午餐套餐,在附近工作以及去逛街的人士都会被吸引。

For just below RM12, you can get yourself a set of meal + drink that could satisfy one’s big appetite. Among all the choices of set meals here, I always visit here for their Briyani set lunch.

在少于RM12的价格, 你就可以享受一份主食以及一杯饮料, 并且它的份量足够一位食量很大的顾客。在它众多的套餐里, 我经常会享用的是它们的Briyani午餐套餐。

Prepared freshly during lunch hour everyday targeting to serve to the working staff in One U and offices around, this Briyani is on a hot demand as the mamak is usually packed and full house during 12-1PM.

它们每天在午餐时间都准备好新鲜的食材以便应付大量的需求, 其中Briyani的需求是最高的,而且这嘛嘛档会在12点到1点之间最繁忙。

To order this delicious set lunch, you will need to queue in front of the counters and tell the waiter that you are opting for Briyani set. In this set, you will be getting one cup of briayani rice, 1 whole boiled egg, 1 chicken and 1 vegetable. For chicken selections, there are fried chicken, honey chicken, curry chicken and others as well. The only chicken you must try here is their fried chicken. The chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside, could even be on par with KFC’s chickens!

要怎么点这美味的午餐呢? 你必须要在收银台前排队, 然后告诉那服务员你要Briyani套餐。在这套餐里, 你会得到一碗Briyani饭, 一粒水煮蛋, 一份鸡肉和一份菜。 鸡肉的选择有, 炸鸡, 蜜糖鸡,咖喱鸡和其他。 那唯一你需要尝试的鸡肉是炸鸡。那炸鸡外皮酥脆, 内肉鲜嫩多汁, 可以和肯德基相比。

Upon choosing your dishes, you can also choose what gravy you want so that the briyani will be moisture and also enhancing the taste of it. At the counter you will make your payment before collecting your briyani and one ice lemon tea.

当你选好你的菜肴时, 你可以选择你的酱料, 那样你的briyani就会更湿润及提升美味程度。你需要在收银台付钱先才可以拿到你的briyani和一杯冰柠檬茶。

Just for RM10.50 you can enjoy a cupful of briyani, 1 fried chicken breast, 1 vegetable, 1 egg and 1 drink. I just could not find any better deal than this in a mall. Now you understand why this mamak is always packed with customers during lunch hours.

只需RM10.50你就可以享用慢慢的briyani, 一份炸鸡, 一份菜,一粒鸡蛋喝一杯饮料。我无法在这广场里找到更好的价格了。所以你明白为什么这嘛嘛档会在午餐时间充满人群。

  • Operating Hour: Shopping hour
  • Address: One Utama Shopping Mall (LG Floor, Opposite Cold Storage and Texas Chicken. Old Wing)
  • Contact Number : 03-7729 4744

If you are in One U then you should not miss this for your lunch!  如果你在1U,那你就不应该错过在这间嘛嘛档享用你的午餐。


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