Meaning of 食 La Vie :  As you all know, C’est La Vie means ‘its life’. We, (a 4 person team) has decided to name our blog as 食 La Vie : ‘eat = life’.

Vision:  Revealing local hidden food, underrated and overrated food in Malaysia.

Background : Sek La Vie may just be the most down to earth food blog. While most blogs may offer numerous reviews on food, affordability is often ignored. Over here in Sek La Vie, we prioritize the budget and we reveal the truth, not half truths. Every member of Sek La Vie is committed to keep our reviews as opinionated and personal to our readers as possible, so rest assured readers, you can trust us, because we may just be as broke as you are.
There are two types of people in this world, those who read the food side of the menu first, and those who read the price side of the menu first. If you happen to be the former one, please contact us and we would love to go on food trips with you. But if you are the latter one, this blog is for you, so keep scrolling for visual hunger.