Review : Star Place BBQ @ C180

RM30 eat all you can! Unlimited flow of pork, chicken, beef and squid! Such an interesting phrase isnt it? That's the same thought that struck my mind when my friends asked me to try it out as the price of the Korean BBQ Buffet is quite cheap after Zen's. RM30任你吃!!无限量限提供猪肉,鸡肉,牛肉,羊肉和墨鱼!是不是很吸引人?续Zen之后,这是第二次朋友介绍小编去到那么便宜的韩国烧烤店。 I went there during the… Continue reading Review : Star Place BBQ @ C180


Review : Big Guy Steam Fish Restaurant @ Cheras

Recently, I had visited this Big Guy Steam Fish restaurant located in Balakong. Big Guy Steam Fish is situated right off the main road side, under a big tree. (probably that is how the owner name his restaurant) 最近我拜访了这家位于Balakong的Big Guy Steam Fish Restaurant. 在还没有拜访这家餐厅时, 我有尝试搜寻关于这家的资料, 但是都毫无收获。这家餐厅位于主要公路旁的大树下。(可能店主就是这样命名他的餐厅) I came here during the dinner time. As expected,… Continue reading Review : Big Guy Steam Fish Restaurant @ Cheras


Sun Ming Charcoal Roast Restaurant @ Taman Connaught

Ever wonder why there are so many cars or lorries stop by the highway side at Taman Connaught? You will notice that there is this particular restaurant that is always packed with customers. So the next question popping out your mind; what is so special of this restaurant that attract high numbers of traffic? 你有没有曾经好奇为什么有那么多车或罗里停在Taman… Continue reading Sun Ming Charcoal Roast Restaurant @ Taman Connaught