Uncle Seng Handmade Noodle @ SS15 Subang

In Subang area? This is another eating-place that you would not want to miss. It is a handmade noodle restaurant, Uncle Seng that is well known among the students and white collar workers in SS15 area. 在梳邦再也,有一个美食是你绝对不能错过,那就是位于SS15,在当地相当有名 的这间手工面Uncle Seng了 A brief history of Uncle Seng; initially he wanted to create a Wanton Mee that is… Continue reading Uncle Seng Handmade Noodle @ SS15 Subang


Uncle Soon Fried Rice @ Foh Foh Restaurant SS15

When all the stall owners are competing to station their stall in the front of the restaurant, which has a strategic location, this specialized fried rice stall is situated at the back of the restaurant, a tad hidden. You have to go all the way to the back of the restaurant to find this stall.… Continue reading Uncle Soon Fried Rice @ Foh Foh Restaurant SS15


Ooi Noodle House @ SS15

How long have you tried waiting for your food in a restaurant? For the first time in my life, I have tried waiting for food for an 1.5 hours. ONE HOUR THIRTY MINUTES. So, this is the Ooi Noodle House in SS15 (等久久猪肉粉[1] ), which is well-known for their pork noodle. 你曾经为了美食愿意等待多久?这是我人生第一次,为了等待美食等了差不多一个小时半。那就是闻名的SS15 AKA 等久久猪肉粉[1] ),这里出名猪肉粉也只卖猪肉粉。 The… Continue reading Ooi Noodle House @ SS15